Specialist Support Base

Northburn is delighted to offer our newly opened Specialist Support Base (SSB) which provides bespoke support for children of primary age who have autistic traits. Children are taught in small classes and in an environment developed to support their learning. Staff are aspirational and ensure that the curriculum offer is personalised, broad and balanced, and responsive to their individual needs. Children access mainstream lessons, Forest School and whole school events, when appropriate, as the base is very much part of the Northburn community.
How Places are Allocated
Places are allocated by Northumberland County Council. A panel reviews needs of the child alongside provision criteria. The following criteria must be met. Your child must:
  • have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or be undergoing statutory assessment for an EHCP
  • have a diagnosis of autism or have autistic traits
  • have difficulties that impact on their abilities to access a mainstream classroom full time
SSB Curriculum
Content coming soon
Children in our SSB have access to:
  • individual communication aids
  • increased staffing
  • access to speech therapist and Occupational Therapist
  • sensory space
  • therapeutic practices 
  • access (when appropriate) to whole school events and class lessons