Class 5 Trees and Plants

1st May 2016

In the past few weeks the children in class 5 have been observing the plants and trees that grow in the grounds of our school. This time of the year is an exciting time in the school grounds, as the trees and plants are changing. We have used a leaf recognition chart to identify the trees that grow around the school. We then plotted where these trees were located using a grid reference on a map of the school grounds.

We discovered that some trees were not only forming new leaves, but were developing new branches. Some of the new branches were growing near a branch that had been previously cut-off.

Back in the classroom we used magnifying glasses to observe the parts of a flower close-up. When we looked closer we could see the pollen that bees carry from flower to flower. On this flower the pollen was a yellow dust that stuck to the body of the bee.