Homework policy review

24th March 2017

Thank you for your responses to the homework survey.

Early analysis shows:

66 people completed the survey. Largest number in Y3 (20) smallest number in Y6 (4).

68% of respondents felt homework was an important part of school life.


Issues raised by those who were against focussed on:

Time spent on homework, impact on family life, enough work already completed in school and the need for time to play.


It is generally felt the quantity of homework should increase as pupils get older:

Less than 40 minutes per week in reception, increasing to 40-90 minutes by Y6.


Challenges faced by pupils are around:

Motivation, forgetfulness and issues around ‘I am learning’ on school 360.

Other key points were around the stress of homework on relationships and family life, the lack of feedback on effectiveness of homework and ‘I am learning’



Initial Action Points

  •        You said 'I am learning' causes issues and appears ineffective-

Action- We have immediately suspended use of ‘I am learning’ pending exploration of issues around smooth running and impact on learning.

  •          You said the length of time spent on homework needed to match more closely to the age of the children and suggested times for this.

Action- We have begun a review of current homework policy to match duration of activity to age of pupils.

  •          You said not all homework seems to help pupils learning and you wanted more feedback about completed homework.

Action- We have begun a review of current homework policy to explore how homework can be more closely tied to impact on learning.


Thank you once again for your responses. Once our homework policy is updated it will appear on the website, in the policies section.