27th January 2016
Pupils in years 5 and 6 have been learning about the Holocaust this week with it being Holocaust Memorial Day today. The children have engaged with the topic in a mature and thoughtful manner. Their teachers have been impressed with their contributions to class discussions. We have discussed what is meant by discrimination, racism and hatred. Additionally, we discussed what is meant by 'Don't Stand By.'
Don't judge people by their religion.
Lucy, class 12
We learnt what the yellow star was used for.
Oliver, class 12
It's important that people should not be judged for their beliefs.
Dan, class 11
We learnt what the Holocaust was and why we should never forget.
Zak, class 11
We should never forget the Holocaust because we never want it to happen again.
Stuart, class 11
The Holocaust was an awful event so we should try to honour the memories of the victims so it never happens again.
Emma, class 10
We learnt about how many people it affected and how long it went on for.
Jennifer, class 10