UKS2 Reading Projects

23rd March 2016
Pupils in Years 5 and 6 completed reading projects from December until February. This involved reading a wide range of books, independent reading and completing book reviews and activties for several books. All of the teachers were impressed with the standard of work produced and the effort that went into the projects. As every year, teachers selected the children whose work was awarded house merits. Congratulations to everyone and well done!
I enjoyed reading Mr Nobody's Eyes the most. It was really emotional and I'd love to see a monkey as I've never seen one in real life. Nikki, class 12.
It was good to be able to pick some of our own books to read. My favourite was Tom Gates. Chloe, class 11.
My favourite task was when I had to find out word definitions as it helped me to understand what I was reading more. Elliot, class 11.
I enjoyed the reading project as I got to read lots of books I wouldn't normally pick. Isobella, class 12.
My favourite book was Catching Fire because it had a lot of drama in which was intense. Dan, class 11.
Granpa's Great Escape was my favourite book of the project because it was full of adventure. Ellie, class 10.