LKS2 Egyptian Learning Day
In February LKS2 had a fantastic day using science and maths to learn about Ancient Egypt. We were challenged to make a timer that could accurately time two minutes. Our timers were made using water, Ancient Egyptians would have used sand for their timers! The only resources allowed were water, stopwatches and plastic bottles.
We were surprised at how much maths and science was needed to complete the challenge. We had to draw accurate scales, time water flow with a stopwatch and manipulate air pressure to regulate the flow of the water coming from the bottle. As you can see we had a very wet but great time learning about past civilizations. We learnt that the Egyptians had a great knowledge of science and maths.
In February year 3 and 4 were invited to compete in the Cramlington and Seaton Valley gymnastic tournament at Northern Gymnastic Academy. Two teams from Northburn had to learn and perform two routines. Both teams worked very hard, attending breakfast club sessions, to learn the routines by heart.  
During the competition, despite a few nerves, all of the girls completed their routines brilliantly. At the end of a tense but fun tournament we were thrilled to find out that Team Beam had won the competition and would go on to represent our area in the Northumberland School Games finals in June. Both teams displayed great sportsmanship, teamwork and behaviour throughout the day.
We would like to give a big thank you to Gemma from Northern Gymnastics who coached the girls so well in the run up to the competition.
Headteacher Challenge -
Year 3 and 4 children were given the challenge of planting bulbs to brighten up the school environment. First we had to make a plan and photograph areas that needed attention.
Headteacher Challenge -
The hard task of planting the bulbs came next. An unforseen drop in temperature and frozen soil meant it was quite difficult. The children soldiered on and did a fantastic job in challenging conditions. 
Stone Age Week 
As part of our drive to embrace and encourage outdoor learning, years 3 and 4 had a week with Rob and Abbey from the Kingsway Outdoor Leaning Centre to find out more about Stone Age life. Class 7 enjoyed making fire, eating and cooking bush food and shelter building.
Stone Age Week 
Class 8 have been learning about Stone Age life and have tried to create Stone Age art using a range of natural materials. They have been very imaginative in their attempts to recreate the conditions that Stone Age people would have had to draw and paint.
Stone Age Week 
Class 9 had a wonderful time during Stone Age week and learnt many things about Stone Age life, culture and religion.