House System

Northburn's house system is part of our behaviour and rewards system.  All pupils in the school are sorted into one of 4 houses- each house has a colour and a name. 

The house system rewards pupils' efforts in their classroom work, their care and consideration for others and their other school related achievements. (E.g. homework, school sports, arts and musical activities.) 

Pupils are rewarded with house points which are placed in their house colour box. At the end of the week these house points are totalled and the winning house is announced in our Friday celebration assembly. At the end of each half term the house who has the highest score gains a non-uniform day. While at the end of the year the winning house gains a treat afternoon.

As well as the house point part of the system, the houses compete against each other on sports day and work together to raise money for good causes. 

We also recognise pupil effort and achievement by awarding certificates to class and key stage stars.

Each week we give an independence and a challenge award to one child from each form. Independence award recognizes pupils who take greater responsibility for their own learning, show an increased degree of self motivation or who have acquired a new independent skill. The challenge award is given to pupils who have overcome some area of difficulty, greatly increased their own personal standard or have worked on an area of work that shows an exceptional standard.

We also award one pupil in each key stage star a Headteacher’s Award Certificate. This is given to a person who has made a significant contribution to the life of the key stage that week.