Curriculum Vision

At Northburn we are committed to delivering a knowledge-engaged curriculum.
Knowledge-engaged approach 
We see our curriculum as a balance between knowledge and skills. Cross-curricular teaching is often used to make the curriculum relevant and meaningful to children and for putting knowledge into context.
Hot air balloon analogy to our curriculum!
  • The 8 balloons on our website banner represent the 8 year curriculum each pupil will experience at Northburn.
  • The basket at the bottom of a hot air balloon represents knowledge.  Pupils acquire knowledge and collect factual matter in their baskets.
  • The strings represent skills.  Developing skills is just as important as the knowledge gained, and vice versa. The hot air balloon cannot function without both the strings and the basket.
  • The balloon represents enquiry.  Pupils are encouraged to ask questions, problem solve and be independent learners.  This will slow down the rate of knowledge gain but will result in deeper understanding through a more meaningful and purposeful learning experience.