Sports Premium

As a school we receive money from central government to support PE, competitive sport and active lifestyles. We use our money to buy into the Cramlington and Seaton Valley Sports Partnership.
In this section you can see newsletters and proposals that detail how this money is used to support these areas within school.
Our work with the partnership has this year has seen us awarded the Sainsbury's Platinum PE Award fron the national "School Games Mark" awarding body. Well done to all involved.
This year also saw the school being given additional sports premium money. We have used this additional funding to begin the OPAL project, fit basketball posts and hoops to the playground as well as add additional sports markings to the playground. We continue to review this additional funding tpo see how it may best support sport and physical activity at Northburn.
Report on Swimming
Currently 31 pupils can swim a minimum of 25m and use a range of strokes effectively, while 11 have had some training in performing self rescue in different water-based situations.
* Water safety lessons were disrupted due to Covid (academic year 2019-20).