UKS2 Challenges

Our World
  • Create a poster detailing a religious festival or ceremony that has importance to you.
  • Compare your belief with another religion.
  • Explain what tolerance means to you (discussion).
  • Active role in a debate about equality in society (past and present). 
  • Participate in House Captain Elections.
  • Write a letter about why you should be a Reading Buddy, Sports Leader or OPAL Ranger.
  • Write a letter to an MP about a subject that concerns you.
  • Be able to explain who our leaders are and why they are important.
  • Join in a debate about the purpose of the government.
  • Show understanding of British values and give possible consequences to not upholding them.
  • Discuss what values are important to yourself.
  • Demonstrate Northburn's key values of respect, resilience, inquisitiveness and ambition. 
Great Outdoors 
  • Grow a plant and record its lifecycle.
  • Alter a habitat to encourage specific wildlife.
  • Write/draw a proposal to change our local environment for the better.
  • Describe the possible consequences of not looking after the environment using a specific example.
Impact Globally
  • Find out about a worldwide charity and present your findings.
  • Recycling - Write a list of what you can recycle in your home.
  • Research climate change and present your findings.
  • Monitor and record weather over an extended period.
  • Explain why weather is different across the globe at different times.
Outdoor Survival
  • Forest School - make a contribution to a group fire, collecting wood and helping to light it.
  • Hawkhirst
  • Write a 'survival' guide to Hawkhirst aimed for next Y6 children based on weather.
  • Design a coat for all weathers.
Staying Healthy
  • Fun run (not school based)
  • After school club
  • Representing school in a tournament.
Food Choices
  • Prepare a balanced meal.
  • Persuasion campaign for healthy eating - poster.
Staying Safe
  • Take an active part in discussion about staying safe in the community.
  • Create a poster listing online safety tips.
  • Successfully complete a quiz about keeping safe.
  • Take part in Bikeability.
  • Learn an instrument.
  • Write a biography about a musician you admire.
  • Read and write music using notation.
  • Lead a group of children playing a musical piece.
  • Perform using an instrument to an audience (including voice).
  • Write a review of a performance (musical, theatre, film).
  • Build a structure.
  • Create a presentation about an architect or engineer who has had in impact on everyday life.
Visual arts
  • Critique a piece of artwork such as sculpture or paintings.
  • Create a piece of artwork at home and present with reasons for choices of materials/media etc.
School Awards
  • Be awarded a Headteacher's certificate.
  • Be awarded a reading certificate. 
  • Be awarded a TTRS certificate.
  • Be awarded a certificate for sporting or musical achievement. 
Our challenges have been reviewed and revised and this set of challenges will take effect from September 2022.