Early Years Challenges

Our World
  • Learn how to take care of the school environment
  • Share a family celebration or tradition
  • Talk to people who help us in the community (e.g. police, nurse)
  • Carry out an act of kindness and talk about it

Great Outdoors
  • Take care of a living thing
  • Explore seasonal changes
  • Build a shelter with a purpose
  • Identify and name some plants and animals in our environment
  • Follow a recipe and cook it on a campfire

School Awards
  • Be awarded a Headteacher's certificate.
  • Be awarded a reading certificate. 
Staying Healthy
  • Make a healthy snack
  • Grow some food
  • Plan an obstacle course for your friends
  • Take part in a keep fit challenge
  • Look after your teeth
  • Show resilience by overcoming a difficulty (e.g. set a personal goal to achieve)
  • Create a piece of natural art
  • Design and make a home for an animal
  • Perform for an audience
  • Retell a familiar story in own way
  • Learn and recite a poem

Our challenges have been reviewed and revised and this set of challenges will take effect from September 2022.