House System

Northburn's house system is part of our behaviour and rewards system.  All pupils in the school are sorted into one of 4 houses - blue, green, red and yellow.


The house system rewards pupils' efforts. Children are rewarded for demonstrating Northburn's core values - ambition, resilience, respect and being inquisitive. 


Pupils are rewarded with house points from all adults in school and added onto a chart in each classroom. At the end of the week, these house points are added together by the house captains and the winning house is announced in our Friday celebration assembly. At the end of each half term, the house who has the highest score gains a non-uniform day. While at the end of the year, the winning house gains a treat afternoon.


As well as the house point part of the system, the houses compete against each other on sports days and other events. 


We also recognise pupil effort and achievement by awarding certificates throughout school.


These include:

Headteacher certificates

Reading certificates

Times Tables Rock Star (TTRS) certificates


Each week, in our Friday celebration assembly, we present a child from each class with a Headteacher’s Award Certificate. This is given for considerable effort, great progress or a standout piece of work. A postcard is also given with a description of what has really impressed us. 


Year 6 have the opportunity to become a house captain. In September they can enter the Northburn election. Throughout school, pupils in each house vote for who they would like to be their own house captain. House captains have many responsibilities throughout the school year. One regular task is collecting the trophy when the results are announced on a Friday.

This week's winners are...
Autumn 1 winners - Blue
Autumn 2 winners - Green
Spring 1 winners -  Yellow
Spring 2 winners -  Green
Summer 1 winners - 
Summer 2 scoreboard adds all previously won points to find our winning house of the school year!
The winning house at the end of the year will earn a special treat in July!
Each week, everybody in the winning house will get entered into our Northburn Reading Raffle.
Summer 1 Scoreboard
Red       _
Yellow   _
Green    _
Blue      _