LKS2 Challenges

Our World
  • Help a charity (e.g. take part in a school charity event, sponsored event, Children's Cancer Run).
  • Celebrate and find out about a festival of another religion or culture.
  • Play or sing a song from another culture or tell a story from another culture.
  • Make a project about a different community.
  • Do something positive to help the environment (e.g. rubbish collection, recycling, upcycling project).
Great Outdoors
  • Forest School - use a saw to make fire wood.
  • Make a calendar - photograph the same place each month for a year.
  • Walking challenge - share 4 walks you have done (river, beach, lake, hill, valley, castle, forest).
  • Try a new outdoor activity (e.g. compass reading, archery, night line, climbing, hiking).
  • Gardening challenge - grow a plant from seed and nurture it.
School Awards
  • Be awarded a Headteacher's certificate.
  • Be awarded a reading certificate. 
  • Be awarded a TTRS certificate.
  • Be awarded a certificate for sporting or musical achievement. 
Staying Healthy
  • Commit to an after school or lunchtime club (ask group leader to confirm attendance).
  • Do at least two exercise activities per week and keep a chart of them.
  • Prepare a healthy meal including fruit and vegetables (starter, main course and / or dessert).
  • Keep a healthy food diary of the fruit and vegetables you eat for one week.
  • Zones of Regulation - devise a sequence of actions to move into the green zone.

  • Learn a new skill (e.g. knitting, sewing, baking, circus skills).
  • Learn to play a musical instrument.
  • Create a collage using a variety of materials.
  • Use digital technology to raise awareness of an important issue.
  • Compose and perform a song.

Our challenges have been reviewed and revised and this set of challenges will take effect from September 2022.