KS1 Challenges

Our World
  • Learn to count to 10 in three different languages
  • Visit a Hindu temple, a Jewish synagogue or a place of worship that is different to own religion
  • Find out which festivals and celebrations children and other countries have and how they celebrate them
  • Help the elderly by visiting someone you know to cheer them up once a week
Great Outdoors
  • Forest School - whittle a stick to cook a snack on
  • Take a photo from the top of a hill or a sand dune, inside a tall building or a woodland habitat
  • Keep a diary of birds you have spotted in the school garden or your garden and name them
  • Build a bug hotel or make a den outside
School Awards
  • Be awarded a Headteacher's certificate.
  • Be awarded a reading certificate. 
Staying Healthy
  • Regularly attend an after-school club and and get your leader or coach to sign to confirm your attendance
  • Make a healthy smoothie, snack or meal
  • Run 100 miles on the school Golden Mile Challenge
  • Complete a 5 a day healthy eating chart for a week

  • Visit our school art gallery and create a piece of art in the style that you liked
  • Design and build a structure using natural materials
  • Perform a poem, a musical piece, a dance, a song or act out a part to your class
  • Enter a competition in the Arts

Our challenges have been reviewed and revised and this set of challenges will take effect from September 2022.