Curriculum 2017/2018

At Northburn we provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum.

We aim to develop pupils' skills and knowledge in line with the National Curriculum for England.
To help you support your child we publish some year group medium term plans, so you can see the range of topics to be covered each term. We also include a link to the whole National Curriculum document and to our own personalised curriculum and assessment criteria.

In KS1 and Reception we use the following resources:

For Phonics - 'Letters and Sounds' supplemented by 'Jolly Phonics'.

For Reading - 'Oxford Reading Tree' plus a range of books by well known authors.


We are continually developing our personalised curriculum using ‘Frog Curriculum Designer’

This takes the national curriculum and breaks it down by subject and year group into key performance indicators- KPIs.

These KPIs show the key areas of learning that pupils will be undertaking in each year group.

This is an ongoing progress- In Summer 2016, and again in Summer 2017, we further developed the Maths and English KPIs to align them with the new key stage 1 and key stage 2 assessments. (These will be reviewed again when the new criteria for year 6 and year 2 come out in Autumn 2017.)

Subject leaders have reviewed and developed the KPIs for their own subjects to ensure our curriculum remains innovative, creative and uniquely tailored to the learning needs of pupils in Northburn. 

If you would like to see our curriculum please follow the link below. stages

(Some areas come with example materials in the learning lockers so you can see what successful work in this area looks like. (Staff are busy adding to these and will build on this resource over the year)


Click here to link to the Government National Curriculum document.