Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Northburn- A statement of principles and practice

At Northburn we recognize that it is important that we think deeply about how the curriculum works – from the material that is introduced, to the frequency and context in which it is revisited, learned and eventually mastered, and how links are made across the entirety of the curriculum.

To achieve this we view our curriculum as a 7 year curriculum (8 for those attending our nursery) which aims to be broad, balanced and aspirational.

We understand a broad, balanced and aspirational curriculum to be taking a whole-school strategic approach to the spiritual, cultural and moral development of pupils, to make the world a better place. This will not just be about pupils preparing for exams, and be more about the knowledge, skills and attitudes young people will gain during their time at school to enable them to achieve in the future.

In experiencing a broad, balanced and aspirational curriculum all pupils should be given opportunities to:

  • Develop their skills in English, Maths and Science;
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, the environment, different religions and cultures, a foreign language, technology, computing, music and the creative arts;
  • Participate in sport and physical activity;
  • Engage in high quality PSHE;
  • Develop positive character traits including resilience, communication, teamwork, problem solving and empathy;
  • Develop positive attributes including high self-esteem, positive emotional and mental health, tolerance, managing risk, respect and ambition.
  • Develop skills, work habits and methods of learning that will equip them to be successful as they move on to secondary school and develop  aspirations and the necessary skills as they move into the world of work.


To achieve this we:

  • Plan and monitor the curriculum to ensure it is always broad, balanced and aspirational. (Led by our curriculum leaders)
  • Base learning around enquiry and pupils developing their own understanding of what they are learning and why they are learning it.
  • Make connections between learning across a range of contexts so pupils apply skills and knowledge from one area of learning to all other areas.
  • Teach pupils to have aspirations- build on knowledge of individual strength and weaknesses.
  • Bring in experts from outside education to help deepen learning and develop pupil aspirations. (e.g. engineers to support our technology week)
  • Develop a positive, resilient  learning culture where pupils accept that mistakes lead to opportunities to make improvements.
  • Promote good self-esteem and good mental health.
  •      Seek to meet the needs of our community.


Curriculum Content

In early years and key stage 1 we use ‘Read, Write Inc’ as our core phonics programme.

For Reading - 'Oxford Reading Tree' plus a range of books by well known authors.

In key stage 2 we use the 'Accelerated Reader' programme. (More details can be found at: )

 We are continually developing our personalised curriculum using ‘Frog Curriculum Designer’

This takes the national curriculum and breaks it down by subject and year group into key performance indicators- KPIs.

These KPIs show the key areas of learning that pupils will be undertaking in each year group.

Curriculum leaders have reviewed and developed the KPIs for their own subjects to ensure our curriculum remains innovative, creative and uniquely tailored to the learning needs of pupils in Northburn. 

If you would like to see our curriculum please follow the link below. stages


Click here to link to the Government National Curriculum document.