School Challenge Award

School Challenge Awards

This year we are beginning our new in-school award scheme.

The scheme encourages pupils to complete activities over 4 areas: ‘Our World’, ‘Great Outdoors’, ‘Staying Healthy’ and ‘Creativity.’ They will also complete a personal challenge based on something they have a particular interest in. Pupils who complete their challenges will earn a badge, with those who achieve an exceptional standard in their challenges earning a gold award.

Each phase in school has its own award with challenges based on developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world, their personal skills (such as resilience, independence and self-awareness) as well as developing their appreciation of the environment.

In early years (Nursery and Reception) awards are presented at the end of Reception (or end of nursery if they are not moving on to a Northburn reception class.) In Key Stage 1 awards are presented at the end of year 2. In lower key stage 2 the award is presented at the end of year 4. In upper key stage 2 it is presented at the end of year 6.

We are sure pupils will enjoy participating in the challenges and will want to engage their parents in discussing and, in some activities, supporting them in achieving the challenges.

On this page you will be able to see some of the challenge cards used in early years, key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 as well as a sample from the upper key stage planner used by year 5 and 6 to track the challenges.